Alice Close Your Eyes

Alice Close Your Eyes - Averil  Dean Alice Croft isn't the typical twenty-something. She's a published YA author with a history of cutting. Her maternal grandmother died when she was nine years old and her mother died when she was ten. She then became a ward of the state and went into foster care. Although Alice owns her home and is reasonably successful as an author, she isn't happy with her life. She feels that the wrongs from her past must be addressed and she thinks she's found just the man to do it . . . Jack Calabrese. Jack is an ex-convict, relocated from the East Coast after his incarceration and estranged from his family. Jack is currently working as a carpenter and lives on Vashon Island. When he finds Alice in his home, the two begin a strange relationship dance that can only lead to a dangerous end.

Alice Close Your Eyes is described as an intense psychological thriller and it is definitely that...intense. The author leads the reader in such a way that it isn't possible to tell whether Alice is leading Jack or vice versa in their strange game of sadomasochism. This isn't a story that I enjoyed reading (my inner prude had difficulty with the explicit sexual scenes). The action within the story constantly flips between flashbacks of Alice’s past and her current torturous relationship with Jack. Alice Close Your Eyes was a quick read but again a difficult one for me. I didn't like either of the main characters; both Alice and Jack have some serious issues, in my opinion, and their co-dependency appears to drive the other further out of control. If you don't mind explicit sexual descriptions and want to read a taut and extremely intense psychological thriller, then you may want to add Alice Close Your Eyes to your TBR list.