Stranded - Alex Kava 3.5 star read

Every now and again as a reader I'm fortunate enough to come across a series by an author that just seems to get better with each book. The Maggie O'Dell series by Alex Kava is, for me, one of these series. In Stranded the FBI and local law enforcement agencies are dealing with a series of murders that don't seem to have any connection until it is realized that all of the people were taken from rest stops. When O'Dell and her partner, RJ Tully, come across a body in the DC/Virginia area, a map is found that quickly sends them across the country in search of clues. These clues lead to more bodies and even more questions. Is it possible that this is the work of one person? How is it possible for the killer to have gone for so long without being caught?

Just when it seems like Maggie and Tully are getting close to answers, an even bigger problem arises that requires the assistance of Maggie's close friend and Tully's significant other, Dr. Gwen Patterson, is brought into the investigation to talk with a prisoner that might have information. Although information is revealed, it is revealed piecemeal and seems to be just enough to lead Tully and Maggie into a trap.

Stranded provides a lot of drama and suspense. When it seems like the investigation is going to provide some answers, another clue is revealed that takes the investigation down a new avenue. I rather enjoyed seeing Maggie, Tully, Dr. Gwen Patterson, work together to solve this crime. Detective Racine, from previous stories, made a cameo appearance and participated in the multi-agency investigation. New faces included an FBI agent and computer whiz, Alonzo, as well as Creed and his search and rescue dogs. The action was all too plausible and was scary enough to make me think twice about stopping at a rest area any time soon. This was another story that gripped me from the first page to the very last. If you enjoy suspense thrillers then you'll definitely want to add Stranded to your reading list (you may want to wait and read after that road trip).