Blood Trails

Blood Trails - Sharon Sala Three women raised as sisters find out after their father has died that he isn't their biological father and they aren't biologically related. These sisters of the heart each begin a quest to reveal their true biological origins in Sharon Sala's The Searchers Trilogy. Blood Trails is Holly's story and the third and final story in this series.

Holly's sisters Maria and Savannah were quick to go off on their searches for their biological parents. Maria's quest took her to Oklahoma and united her with police detective Bodie Scott. Savannah's quest took her to Florida where she discovers her father was murdered and that she's an heiress to millions. Holly stayed on the ranch in Montana and worried about her sisters and their searches. She also realizes that she must go off on her own search even though information points to her biological father being a serial murderer. Holly is reluctant to leave the safety of the ranch and the attention of the ranch foreman, Bud Tate, but sets off on her quest for the truth.

All three sisters are endangered by their quests and lives as it becomes obvious that their mothers had plenty to shield them from, thus the reason they were given to Andrew Slade. Apparently Andrew was a respectable man, known only to the mothers as a traveling preacher and it was this man that they all came to accept as their father. Unlike Maria and Savannah, Holly knows who her biological parents are but she doesn't know what became of her mother. Regrettably, just like Maria and Savannah, she unwittingly unleashes trouble. Fortunately she has Bud to help her, but can he keep her alive?

Blood Trails,/b> is a fast romantic suspense read. Ms. Sala does an excellent job of overlapping the stories of the three sisters while keeping their individual stories at the forefront. Although there is a sense of mystery and suspense to the story, the action is all too predictable. The characters are likeable enough but aren't fully developed. However, if you want a quick read with a touch of suspense and a bit of romance then this will not disappoint.