A Silent Prayer: A Prayer Series I

A Silent Prayer: A Prayer Series I - Samreen Ahsan 3.5 star read

Adam Gibson is the epitome of the young, urban professional. He is a self-made millionaire and used to getting what he wants when he wants it. He isn't wholly selfish in that he also gives backs to the community and feels that if he gives his promise to someone then he must follow through. In Canadian society, Adam is hot and his life is constantly in the spotlight. Rania Ahmed is the exact opposite of Adam. She has a fervent belief in God and that only God has the right to guide her life. She is quiet, circumspect, modest, and an intensely private person. She goes to work, has few friends and hobbies, and shies away from the spotlight. Even though Adam and Rania are polar opposites, there is simply something about Rania that immediately attracts Adam and he isn't willing to take no for an answer.

A Silent Prayer provides a nice spin on the love at first sight story between complete opposites. Adam is willing to make compromises to keep Rania in his life, but is he willing to commit to a belief in God? Rania may be attracted to Adam but she isn't willing to forego her religious principles for the sake of romance or love. Both Adam and Rania have secrets and although Adam shares his secrets with Rania, Rania isn't willing to share with Adam for fear it will mean the immediate demise to their friendship.

I found A Silent Prayer to be a fast-paced and rather enjoyable read. Perhaps it was my inner prude, but I found the profanity (mild profanity but profanity nonetheless) to be rather off-putting and didn't feel as if it added to the story. I rather enjoyed the portrayal of Rania as a modern Muslim in Western society. Although Rania doesn't wear the traditional head-covering, she is quite devout in her beliefs and religious practices. It was rather nice to read about a Muslim that is unapologetic for their belief and completely unwilling to compromise even for love. I had issues with Adam, but then I've never dealt with a millionaire before. Based on the news and stories I've read about professional athletes and other young celebutantes, it is quite possible Adam's character is more realistic than fiction. There were some paranormal aspects to the story that were rather intriguing and I hope will be explained in future stories. Obviously there's quite a bit more to the story, but if I tell you then you won't have to read it. Did I like A Silent Prayer? Yes. Did I have issues with A Silent Prayer? Yes, but that was only related to the profanity. Can I recommend A Silent Prayer? Wholeheartedly! If you've ever wondered about the inner struggle that many young Muslims face in a world not exactly accepting to the religion of Islam, or if you simply enjoy romance, then you'll definitely want to add A Silent Prayer to your reading list. But I must warn you that this story does leave you hanging, so you'll also need to add the next book in this series: A Prayer Heeded (A Prayer Series II) to your list as well.