The Price of Innocence (A Theresa Maclean Mystery)

The Price of Innocence (A Theresa Maclean Mystery) - Lisa Black 3.5 star read

The latest Theresa MacLean book, The Price of Innocence, starts off with a bang . . . literally. Theresa is called in to investigate a possible suicide in a luxury apartment building in downtown Cleveland. Theresa and her cousin, police detective Frank Patrick, barely exit the building before it is blown up. This narrow escape is quickly followed by the murder of a police officer the very next day. Then that police officer's beneficiary is found dead, followed by another explosion in a building that is beside the initial explosion site. Two explosions, one murder, and one suspected suicide in such a short period of time are a little too coincidental to Theresa. Will she be able to find the connection between these incidents before another murder takes place?

Although Theresa is a forensic scientist, this isn't a CSI-type story . . . well not quite. Because of Theresa's familial ties to the police department, namely through her cousin, she does work in the field quite a bit and routinely bounces ideas off of her cousin. She also spends quite a bit of time in the laboratory testing evidence and writing reports. Theresa is naturally inquisitive and often takes the initiative when questions arise due to the evidence on a case. This time around Theresa's investigation takes her into the past of the deceased officer and reveals possible ties to drug dealing and an unsolved case. The story takes a few twists when Theresa becomes flirtatious with David Madison, the ex-husband of a school teacher that sexually molested a male student the same age as her eldest son. Another twist comes in the form of a local millionaire/entrepreneur that may have ties to the deceased police officer. The Price of Innocence is a fast-paced read that offers murder, possible terrorism, illegal drug deals, and hints of romance. If you enjoy mysteries then you'll definitely want to add The Price of Innocence to your TBR list.