A Facebook Affair

A Facebook Affair - Tara Chevrestt Kelly Littleton is a hearing-impaired journalist residing in Utah. She is grieving the death of her mother and wondering about her future. Since she has spent the last few years taking care of her ailing mother, she hasn't had much of a social life. Her girlfriend Tammy is there for her, and prods her into joining Facebook in an effort to increase her socialization skills and perhaps find new friends. Kelly doesn't have too many fond memories of her childhood, but she does remember one specific person that was always kind to her, Brandon Hopkins. So she decides to see if he's on Facebook and attempts to reconnect.

Brandon is now a real estate agent and still in Oklahoma. He's getting a divorce from his wife and trying to help his pregnant sister, Lindsey, since her husband has been deployed overseas. Brandon is still a nice guy and he and Kelly launch an intense friendship via Facebook messaging, emails and online chats.

A Facebook Affair is a quick and short read that provides drama, angst and romance. The angst is found in Kelly's childhood memories of her Second and Third grade experiences with Brandon and the resident mean girls. The story swings between the present and those childhood experiences. The drama is found with her return to Oklahoma to spend time with Brandon and meeting his parents and sister, former mean girl Lindsey. The romance builds quickly between Brandon and Kelly, starting with their Facebook connection. Ms. Chevrestt provides an interesting read that deals with the issue of childhood bullying, being disabled and perceived to be less than human, along with the romance angle. Unfortunately the issue of bullying isn't resolved in Kelly's childhood and she retains some of those fears as an adult. The characters are reasonably well-developed and the action is very fast but believable. My only "concern" is that Kelly and Brandon's relationship goes from a sweet techno-romance to full-blown passion with little romance once they reconnect face-to-face. If you're looking for a fast-paced happily-ever-after read, then A Facebook Affair will not disappoint.