Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs - Ben Lieberman Kevin Davenport seems to be your typical college student, willing to take odd jobs to get money for college. But Kevin is anything but typical. During a summer job at a meat processing plant he learns that his "boss" was behind his father and younger sister's deaths many years ago. So Kevin does what any self-respecting person seeking revenge does, he goes back to college, becomes a drug-dealer and bookie with the intention of bringing down the mafia boss responsible for his father and sister's deaths, Jimmy Balducci.

Odd Jobs is not a typical mystery, suspense thriller novel. That may be appealing to many readers. I enjoy different and quirky reads but this simply wasn't one of those reads for me. There were parts of the story that were enjoyable to read and others that seemed far-fetched, such as the elaborate plot to bring down Jimmy Balducci. The characters are interesting enough but all seem to be willing to overlook illegal actions simply because they are for the greater good, including beating up a teenage sibling to a college basketball player to get a "fixed" game "unfixed" so they don't lose money. I'm not quite sure why I didn't enjoy this book, perhaps my sense of right-and-wrong interfered in any possibility of enjoying this book. Although this didn't appeal to my reading tastes if you enjoy reading an atypical suspense thriller then Odd Jobs may be just the book for you.