Wake to Darkness

Wake to Darkness - Maggie Shayne 3.5 star read

Rachel DeLuca is a renowned self-help author. She recently received a cornea transplant that restored her vision after twenty years. Unfortunately her corneas were taken from the body of a serial killer (you've got to read Sleep with the Lights On Brown and DeLuca #1 . . . trust me!). Rachel teamed up with police detective Mason Brown, the brother of the deceased serial killer, and their efforts resulted in the death of the Wraith (read the first book!). Now there's a new killer on the scene and this killer is retrieving the donated organs. Can Mason keep Rachel safe or will she become a victim of this new killer?

Wake to Darkness starts with a gruesome murder of a transplant recipient and once again Rachel seems to be linked to the murders . . . again. She feels everything the victims feel, and sees the murder take place in her dreams. Rachel is still grieving the loss of her brother at the hands of another serial killer and adjusting to being sighted. She's also visually experiencing the joys and wonders of winter and Christmas. Add in spending the holiday with one of her twin nieces, a new killer on the loss, an on-again/off-again/I-don't-know-where-we're-going relationship with Mason Brown and you've got quite a story. Mason is dealing with his own stresses. He still feels guilty about his brother's suicide and learning that he was a serial killer. He's trying to stand in as a father figure for his nephews and be supportive to his sister-in-law and mother. Holiday stress, ongoing grief and guilt, a fragile new romance, a teenage alcoholic, a depressed sister-in-law, a blind dog, and a blizzard all add up to one fantastic mystery. Ms. Shayne has provided another great read with Wake to Darkness. I love the tension between Rachel and Mason, and this story ratcheted up the tension by adding in teenage angst, drama and alcoholism. I started reading Wake to Darkness late at night and couldn't sleep until I finished the story. I found Wake to Darkness a fast and entertaining read and hope there'll be more to come in this series. If you've read Sleep with the Lights On then you'll definitely want to read Wake to Darkness. If you haven't read either book and enjoy mysteries mixed with humor and romance, then you need to add both of these books to your TBR list.