Morning Glory

Morning Glory - Sarah Jio 3.5 star read

I have read and enjoyed numerous other books by Ms. Jio and MORNING GLORY is no exception. I constantly enjoy the way the author weaves the stories from the past and present into one cohesive storyline. For awhile I actually thought this story could have been titled MOURNING GLORY and it would have been just as accurate. I felt sympathy for the tragic deaths of Ada Santorini's husband and daughter. I applauded her efforts to move on with her life including moving from the East Coast to the West Coast in effort to start again. The romance between Ada and Alex as the contemporary portion of the story. Their burgeoning love affair seemed to follow the path of Penny and Collin's affair from the past. The ending was a bit of a surprise and a let down (can't reveal too much or you won't read it yourself). Overall I found this to be another well-written, dramatic and romantic story by Ms. Jio. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.