Stranger in the Room (Keye Street #2)

Stranger in the Room (Keye Street #2) - Amanda Kyle Williams Keye Street is back and is just as kick-*** as ever. Aren't familiar with Keye Street? Well, she's a Chinese-American private detective, a former FBI profiler, and an alcoholic. Keye was adopted by the Street family as a young child and also has an adopted African-American brother who just happens to be gay. Her adoptive mother's sister has been in-and-out of mental institutions for most of Keye's life and it seems as if her cousin, Miki, may be following in her mother's footsteps. Miki is bipolar and an award-winning photojournalist. She's in dire need of Keye's expertise since she believes she has a stalker. Keye's lover, Atlanta Police Department detective Aaron Rauser is investigating two murders with some strange similarities (murder always trumps relationship plans, but it means Keye has no one to function as a buffer for the upcoming holiday weekend). Just to make things a little more interesting, Keye is asked to investigate a North Georgia crematorium that appears to be ripping off its clients. Keye tries to figure out what is going on with her cousin Miki, what exactly is happening at the crematorium, and is worried about her lover's case.

Ms. Williams has provided another great read with STRANGER IN THE ROOM. The action is plausible, the characters are unique yet realistic, and the story kept me flipping the pages until the end. How good is this story? Well, I've read it at least three times since it was published and I still find it an enjoyable read.