Farewell to Freedom (Louise Rick / Camilla Lind #4)

Farewell to Freedom (Louise Rick / Camilla Lind #4) - Sara Blædel Louise Rick and Camilla Lind have been tied to one another for years as friends. It seems quite prophetic that Louise would become a detective and Camilla a crime reporter so that even their careers become linked. Farewell to Freedom seems to shine more of a spotlight on Camilla and her son Markus. Camilla advocates for more in-depth news coverage and an investigation into the murdered prostitute. When she feels the paper isn’t providing the coverage needed, she launches her own investigation into the murder that results in finding a witness. Her witness may not be deemed too reliable since he's a known alcoholic, but he does provide Camilla with viable information. Then he is found murdered, Camilla feels a sense of responsibility and plans his funeral with the help of Pastor Henrik Holm, father of Markus's new friend Jonas. Two murders that are tied to traffickers involved in the sex trade; two newborn infants being left on church steps within days of each murder; is it coincidence?

Ms. Blaedel shows the more maternal side of Camilla in Farewell to Freedom. Camilla spends more time with Markus and his new friend Jonas and is overly concerned about the possible repercussions from their discovery of the infant. Camilla is also presented as more fragile when she has a mini-breakdown after finding a second infant, a deceased infant. The reader is also shown a somewhat softer side to Louise as she helps Markus and Jonas understand what will happen to the infant they found and then nurtures Camilla during her mini-breakdown. I found Farewell to Freedom to be another fast-paced read that grabbed my attention from the first word until the very last. The story provides great international intrigue, horrific crimes, and a cat-and-mouse chase of the criminals, as well as revealing more facets to the personalities of both Camilla and Louise. There's a nice little surprise twist to the ending and I can't wait for the next installment in this series to see how things develop.