The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom Dor, a man from the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, is fascinated with measuring time. Unfortunately his fascination leads to his being banished to a cave. In this cave he is forced to spend eons listening to mankind's request for more time. After spending six thousand years in this cave, Dor is released for his final mission, teach two humans about time.

Needless to say, Dor's release into the twentieth century is somewhat of a shock. He must learn modern languages, man's history, and achieve an understanding of all modernity has to offer. While Dor is learning all he can about mankind and new ways to measure time, the reader is introduced to Victor Delamonte is an elderly business man who has received a death sentence. His cancer has metastasized and is no longer treatable; at best he has a few months to live. Victor decides to use his wealth and attempt to cheat death. Sarah Lemon is an introverted and academically gifted teenage girl. She has no close friends and latches onto the first person to show her any signs of friendship, a popular boy from her high school.

Mr. Albom has done an excellent job in portraying the lives and motivations for the actions of the man characters, Dor, Victor and Sarah. He has also deftly tied their stories together, in that the lessons that Victor and Sarah learn about time (wanting more and giving up on it) also impart a lesson to Dor. The Time Keeper is a modern, inspiration and moral tale or fable about the precious value and sanctity of time. I found The Time Keeper to be a somewhat fast read, although it did go a little slow in the passages discussing Dor's life. However, the story would not have made as much sense without those passages as they were necessary in order to understand the overall message.