Cadence Beach

Cadence Beach - Linda Juliano Josie Gianni is a young librarian working in Chico, California. Her boyfriend's absence at a work-related retirement party leads her to his apartment, where he is caught in flagrante delicto with another woman. Josie knows their relationship was having problems, but this was the final straw. She dusts herself off, resigns from her job and relocates to Cadence Beach Oregon. Her former boss has been able to find her a librarian job at the Cadence Beach Community College Library, but until it opens she'll be working at a local bookstore.

Josie quickly befriends her landlords, Bonnie and Bob Bane, a local artist - Karen Forrester-O'Neal and her husband Rory O'Neal, the staff at The Book Chalet, including its owner, Gordon Forrester, and the staff at the CBCC library. While life is good in Cadence Beach, Josie is constantly looking over her shoulder and repeatedly seeing an ominous black Lexus near her home and job. Just when she’s starting to feel a little comfortable with her new life the mysterious notes and phone calls begin. At first she chalked it up to a prank as the notes are addressed to Suzanne, but she quickly realizes she has a crazed stalker. After her ex-boyfriend is badly injured, she's afraid that her new friends may be put in danger. Can she truly move on with her life and the possibility of love in her new town with a threat hanging over her shoulder?

Allan Roth is a man obsessed and possessed. His possessiveness results in the brutal murder of his wife Suzanne. His obsession leads him to believe that his wife's soul has been reincarnated. How far is too far for a man on the edge?

Ms. Juliano starts Cadence Beach with a touch of violence and craziness that jars and keeps the reader on edge until the very end. Josie and Karen are very well-developed characters, but others have more of a superficial appearance, especially Gordon Forrester. The romance between Josie and Gordon is nonexistent and then quickly sparks into a full-blown sexual relationship. This threw me just a little as most of their interactions are business-related, with a few social group outings, mixed with sidelong glances. Although I knew where the story was going (Allan makes a credible crazed bad guy), I kept reading simply because I wasn't quite sure how Ms. Juliano was going to arrive at the climax. Cadence Beach incorporates romance, intrigue and psychological thrills into a very short read. This is a very quick, albeit short read, with less than 130 pages and even though it was somewhat formulaic at times, it was an enjoyable read, perfect for a lazy afternoon.