Twice  - Lisa Unger Lydia is being cautious now that she knows Jed McIntyre is in New York. Jeffrey Mark, her fiancé and business partner isn't taking any chances, especially since they just learned she's pregnant, and has hired a bodyguard, Dax Chicago, to shadow her at all times. Lydia is slowly getting used to idea of impending motherhood, and has doubts about her abilities to be a good mother. She has a serial killer after her, a wedding to consider, a baby on the way and now a high-profile murder case to investigate . . . what more could a woman want?

Lydia and Jeffrey are hired by Julian's mother, Eleanor, to prove Julian's innocence in her husband's murder. With her second husband murdered in bed beside her, Julian suffers an emotional breakdown and is hospitalized. Detective Halford McKirdy knows that second murder done in the exact same manner with only Julian as a "witness" or "innocent bystander" is a bit much to swallow. Julian was found not guilty in the murder case of her first husband, and now the stakes have been raised.

As Lydia and Jeffrey launch their investigation, they find that there are numerous loose strings to the information provided by Eleanor. She conveniently forgets to inform them that her husband was killed in a manner very similar to both of Julian's husbands. She also neglected to tell them that Julian has a twin brother that escaped from an upstate mental facility and is presumed dead or that she also had a twin brother. Lydia gravitates toward Julian's artwork to help uncover clues in their investigation. Meanwhile Dax and Jeffrey head underground in a search for Jed McKinley.

Twice, the third in the Lydia Strong series, provides great suspense and thrills as Lydia and Jeffrey basically search for two serial killers. The search takes them to a small town upstate and a shadow city underground. The investigations aren't neat and bloodless, but as the body count grows their determination also grows. The tension and suspense gradually build until the very end. This is one page turner you don't want to miss if you like a bit of psychological suspense thrown in with your thrills and chills.