When Two Hearts Meet

When Two Hearts Meet - Janelle Mowery Rachel Garrett knows that relocating to Colorado in the late 1800s is going to be difficult. She doesn't know anyone there and the territory is quite a change of pace from her life back in Missouri. She knows that you can't really run away from problems, but she needed a change of scenery after being blamed for the death of a patient. She's barely had a chance to catch her breath from the ride into Rockdale and meet her new boss, Dr. Barnes, when she's enlisted to help in several home emergencies, including a home delivery and a sprained ankle. But disaster strikes on her third home visit when she finds a pregnant woman bleeding and near death. Regrettably the woman, after suffering her fourth miscarriage, dies shortly after Rachel arrives at the house. Rachel feels bad about the woman's death but knows that there was nothing she could do to stop it.

As Rachel settles into Rockland, she focuses on her job, finds a new church family, and begins to learn her new neighbors. As she begins to feel comfortable with her new life and work, she also helps Dr. and Mrs. Barnes with their two small children, as well as start a small Sunday School program for the kids at the church. Through all of her ups and downs in life Rachel turns to her faith to sustain her and prays that it will be all she needs in order to survive.

Luke Mason is a good deputy sheriff but he no longer attends church or believes in God. His mother is the church pianist and prays that Luke will return to the faith of his youth. As Luke tries to maintain law and order in his town, he witnesses the strength of Rachel's faith and finds it attractive, especially when it appears that her life may be endangered. Just when it seems like he knows who the culprit is, tragedy strikes. Can Luke survive losing someone else that he's grown attached to or will he be able to save Rachel from harm?

When Two Hearts Meet is a nice and fast-paced inspirational, historical romance. The characters are well developed and the action somewhat expected for a Western romance but realistic. The intrigue is primarily what kept my attention throughout as it appeared that Rachel might have numerous enemies and as soon as one was cornered, another would appear. Both Rachel and Luke gain lessons of faith, hope and love as their friendship slowly turns to romance. There aren't any steamy scenes, but Ms. Mowery has done an excellent job of providing a hopeful, happy-ever-after, inspirational romance.