The Merzetti Effect

The Merzetti Effect - Norah Wilson Ainsley Crawford is nothing more than a nurse seeking a job. On the night of a job interview, she is viciously attacked by a vampire and subsequently rescued by her soon-to-be new employer, Dr. Delano Bowen. Little does Ainsley know that she has just become the key component to The Merzetti Effect by Norah Wilson, the first in the Vampire Romance series.

Dr. Bowen informs Ainsley that vampirism is real and is actually caused by a virus secreted by its victims. He is working on finding a vaccine to protect the most vulnerable in the world, street people, prostitutes, etc. Ainsley isn't sure what to believe but she needs the job. She needs the money to help support her girlfriend and family, who are in hiding from her wealthy, well-connected, abusive husband. Ainsley's work doesn't really put her into dangerous situations until the appearance of one angry, out-of-control vampire - Radak Janacek. Janacek fears that Dr. Bowen's research will "cure" vampirism and he doesn't want to be cured.

After Janacek's threats and attack on Dr. Bowen's home, they are forced to temporarily relocate to Montreal. Although the research continues, Ainsley is put into an untenable situation when she learns that Dr. Bowen is more than a researcher, he's a vampire. She also learns that her blood causes vampires to revert to full-human status. Needless to say Ainsley is a bit put out by the lack of full disclosure by Dr. Bowen, but she deals. She must also deal with her growing attraction to Bowen.

What follows is a fast-paced tale of romance, suspense and thrills. Can Ainsley and Delano build on their attraction and possibly have a true romantic relationship? Will Delano be able to protect Ainsley as well as her friends from Janacek? Can Janacek be stopped before he destroys all that they both have come to love?

There are plenty of paranormal romantic suspense stories about vampires available. However Ms. Wilson has provided a story that is slightly different and pulls the reader in from the beginning. The characters are completely believable, especially Ainsley, Delano and Eli (a friend to Delano and Ainsley's co-worker). The Merzetti Effect is a fast-paced, paranormal romantic suspense read that kept my interest to the very end. (Nightfall, the second book in Ms. Wilson's Vampire Romance series, is now available as an ebook.)