Love At Absolute Zero

Love At Absolute Zero - Christopher Meeks Is it possible to use science to explain and find love? And if it's possible, can the love and the researcher survive? Physicist Gunnar Gunderson is on a quest to determine the answers to these questions in Love At Absolute Zero by Christopher Meeks.

In many ways Gunnar is very naive about love and relationships. At age 32 he's only been in one serious relationship and that was broken off by his girlfriend. After receiving tenure he has decided the next logical step is to have a wife and he's determined to go about this is a logical manner using the Scientific method to aid him on his quest. What follows are a series of sad but comical incidents. Gunnar is told the gap in his front teeth may be off-putting so he decides on braces, after having his teeth whitened. The naivety comes into play with his expectation that his teeth will be straightened in just a few days because he's given himself a deadline of three days to find love and a wife. He then tries speed-dating and misunderstands what women want and is in turn misunderstood. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on one's point of view, Gunnar does find someone and falls in love. The only problem is that the love of his life is only visiting from Denmark and must return home. The solution is for Gunnar to follow her and follow her he does after a few months. The only thing missing is a sidekick a la Lucy and Ethel from the I Love Lucy show for the comedy and tragedy to be complete.

Gunnar seems to be a mix of the absent-minded professor and Lucy. He is an extremely likeable, if not lovable, character that is looking for love in the wrong places. It isn't until near-tragedy strikes and Gunnar is faced with the possible death of his mother that he realizes that companionship and love was right in front of his face. Love At Absolute Zero is a fun but slow read that gets bogged down at times by the scientific discussions.