Counting from Zero

Counting from Zero - Alan B. Johnston Your computer may be part of a global attack and you don't even know it. At least that's part of the premise in COUNTING FROM ZERO by Alan B. Johnston. The problem begins and ends with internet security.

Most of us think we are prepared against viruses, worms, and malware with antivirus programs, etc., but there are those that use email encryption programs, change their passwords weekly, and use only open source software. Or at least there are in the fictional world of COUNTING FROM ZERO and one such person is Mick O'Malley. To say that Mick takes paranoia to an extreme is a bit of an understatement, but it appears that he is justified with his paranoia. Mick works in computer security and knows exactly what havoc viruses, malware, worms, spam, etc. can wreak on a computer or on a computer system. His work takes him around the world, often on speaking engagements or conferences on computer security. He discovers a new attack while in Japan and thus begins the first zero day (initial day of attack). The intrigue in discerning why this attack has been launched and its purpose sends Mick traveling around the world and has others following his every move.

I'm not much of a computer person. I understand the basics and am quite happy in my ignorance . . . or I was until I read COUNTING FROM ZERO. Mr. Johnston is known in the computer security industry and has combined fact with fiction to the point that I'm paranoid about internet security. There was much that I didn't understand but Mr. Johnston did a credible job of explaining terminology and making things as simple as possible. COUNTING FROM ZERO is one scary suspense thriller to the point that I was actually afraid to turn my computer on and log into the internet.