The Saints Go Dying

The Saints Go Dying - Erik Hanberg A serial murderer is on the loose in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Unfortunately this murderer clearly aligns himself with evil and is out to kill people that do good or "saints" in Erik Hanberg's THE SAINTS GO DYING.

Deputy Arthur Beautyman is the lead investigator and coordinator on the case. He is literally being overseen by the entire city thanks to a local television program called 'Watchdog.' Beautyman is definitely not a Hollywood or LA version of an investigator. He's rather short, has graying hair, and has an "average" pockmarked face. This is a case of Beautyman versus the beast, the serial killer. After fourteen months and numerous murders there isn't even a viable suspect, or is there? Is the killer really that good or is the Sheriff's department that inept? That is what 'Watchdog' would have everyone believe but is it true? Beautyman has his hands full juggling the investigation, public backlash and the ever-increasing popularity of the 'Watchdog' series.

Mr. Hanberg has provided a nicely written suspense in THE SAINTS GO DYING. The characters and the action are very believable, or at least until the end. I found the ending a bit far-fetched but fiction doesn't have to mirror reality. THE SAINTS GO DYING is a quick read and packs a suspense-filled punch to the end.