Already Home

Already Home - Susan Mallery This story involves personal discovery on the part of Jenna and Violet, as well as Jenna's adopted mom Beth. Jenna must learn to accept who culinary skills while dealing with divorce and the appearance of not only her birth parents but her siblings. Violet is learning that is okay to leave the past in the past and she'll be judged and accepted by true friends for who she is now rather than who she was. Beth is coping with being a good and supportive mother and learning to overcome her jealousy for the developing relationship between Jenna and her birth family. Ms. Mallery deals with plenty of topics including teen pregnancy, sexual molestation and abuse, teenage prostitution, drug abuse, physical abuse, and adoption. What is truly interesting is that each topic is dealt with in a manner that isn't preachy or completely superficial. A quick and pleasing read that packs an emotional punch.