No Alibi

No Alibi - Jenny Hilborne Ms. Hilborne has crafted a great mystery with interesting characters. Isabelle Kingsley is a woman on the edge because she's found that her husband is cheating on her. She's been married to Clark for six years and thought their marriage was happy and doing well. She knows that something is going on and presumes it is an extramarital affair. She also knows that her best friend, Darius Martin, is avoiding her. He must know something about Clark's behavior, but Darius has his own problems to worry about, namely blackmail. Who's blackmailing him? Georgia Legg has Darius over a barrel, financially speaking, and he hopes that Isabelle will never find out about it. To make matters worse, Georgia is the other woman in Clark's life. Isabelle receives anonymous confirmation that Clark is definitely having an affair in the form of a sonogram of Georgia and Clark's baby. Just when things look like they couldn't get any worse, Georgia is murdered with Isabelle's gun and Isabelle has no alibi for the time of the murder. What follows is a topsy-turvy investigation into the murder. Is Isabelle a suspect? Did Darius commit the crime to get out of the blackmail? Perhaps Clark wanted to permanently end the relationship with Georgia? These are questions that Inspectors Doucette and Beaumont ponder as they investigate Georgia's murder. It doesn't help that there may be a mad woman on the loose, another woman from Clark's life, his ex Fitch. But how does Fitch tie into the murder and why hasn't she targeted Isabelle as promised a few years back? I could answer that question but then you wouldn't need to read No Alibi for yourself, and you want to read this book. No Alibi is a quick and enjoyable read that is perfect for a lazy afternoon or weekend. I'm looking forward to reading more from Ms. Hilborne in the future.