The Directionless Son of Brain

The Directionless Son of Brain - Saurabh Sharma The Directionless Son of Brain by Saurabh Sharma is a symbolic tale of Mind, the son of Brain and Cousciousness. At age seventeen Mind has dropped out of school and has no thoughts on what he wants to do or where he wants to go in life. His parents are concerned and visit the father's brother Wisdom for insight and guidance. Uncle 'Wisdom' visits with his family - his wife, Soul, and son, Heart. Wisdom tells Mind that he should go on a journey for two years and rediscover himself. He is also advised to write his experiences in journal at the end and then to give the journal to his uncle upon his return.

What follows are a series of visits to villages and towns, where Mind encounters Misfortune, Poverty, Greed, Crime, Religion, Logic, Practicality, Pervert, Lust, Compassion, Empathy, Grief, Insane, Profit, Creativity and more. These people all help to teach Mind necessary life lessons. Although this is a short story, I found it a very difficult read because of the poor grammar and strange sentence structure as well as incorrect word usage, e.g. "You are a looser...You are right I am a looser but who is the winner here?" If these types of problems don't bother you then this may be considered a decent quick read but I found myself wanting to correct every error rather than follow the story.