Writing Jane Austen: A Novel

Writing Jane Austen: A Novel - Elizabeth Aston Initially didn't think I was going to like this. Georgina seemed rather put-out that she has been contracted to write in the Jane Austen style. She feels that it somewhat beneath her until she actually reads Jane Austen's works (all 6 books in 1 sitting...WOW!). It is a that point that she realizes that she cannot write and do Ms. Austen justice simply because Ms. Austen is incomparable. Interlaced between her bouts of angst about fulfilling her contract we see one of her room-mates fall in love and get married, she falls in love with her landlord and we watch as her landlord's sister, Maud (most interesting character in my opinion) manipulates everyone. Lest I forget, there are also the moments when she is visited by the ghosts of the regency period or Jane Austen's lifetime. Of course by the end Georgina gets her man and things work out perfectly. I liked it. Well written and the characters aren't flat nor are the situations out of the norm except for the ghostly visitations.