Elly in Bloom

Elly in Bloom - Colleen Oakes 3.5 star read

If you think you have problems imagine this: you're still grieving the death of your mother, you come home from lunch and find your husband having sex in your marital bed and he tries to make you believe it's all your fault. That was the life of Elly Jordan. Fast-forward two years and she's relocated from Georgia to Missouri. She's now the proud owner of a boutique floral business and a dog. She gets to work with her best friend and one other part-time employee referred to as Snarky Teenager. Her business is successful and about to be put on the map due to a $45000 wedding floral contract. Although stressed to the max, everything is looking up until she finds out she's doing the flowers for her ex-husband's wedding to his mistress. Yes, that mistress. Ms. Oakes combines humor with warm, touching, and highly realistic action to make Elly Jordan seem like the girl next door (no, not the supermodel/cheerleader girl next door but the real girl next door). I enjoyed reading Elly in Bloom and found it to be a fast-paced read. Come on...how can you not like a book that has a character that is only referred to as Snarky Teenager?