Home Sweet Home (A Southern Comfort Novel)

Home Sweet Home (A Southern Comfort Novel) - Sarah Title Grace Williams is not your typical English professor. She has a relatively good sense of humor, enjoys teaching, loves to read, and is rather excited about moving from California to Kentucky. This move puts her closer to her only surviving family members: her sister, brother-in-law, and adorable niece. The only problems are she left California after a disastrous love affair and has vowed not to get close to a man emotionally. Why is this a problem? Well her house, the "Spinster House" likes matchmaking and has set its sight on putting Grace together with the local handyman, Jake Burdette.

Jake Burdette is not your typical handyman. He was wrangled into helping his sister, a local realtor. He's also an accomplished contractor and has made a wonderful living flipping houses. Yes he lives at his sister's house (mind you in the garage apartment), but he's waiting for the right house to speak to him as "home sweet home" before he moves out.

Appearances can be deceiving. Jake has decided that Grace is a snob and thinks she's too good for the "normal" folk in Willow Springs. It doesn't matter that he's attracted to her physically or that they have a wonderful time when they're together. Grace has judged Jake for being somewhat of a loafer since he lives in his sister's garage and doesn't seem to have a full-time job. Yes she's attracted to him because he is "hot, hot, hot," but she simply isn't looking for a serious relationship. To say that Jake and Grace are filled with a bit of "pride" and "prejudice" toward one another is somewhat of an understatement.

Ms. Title has crafted a wonderfully romantic, often humorous tale of two people that are working at cross-purposes due to preconceived ideas and prejudices. I found Home Sweet Home to be a nice homage to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and a delightful read (and no I'm not just saying that because I know the author!). Both Grace and Jake are flawed and delightful because they are so very realistic as a result of their flaws. They both have issues going back to their childhood relating to love, commitment, and marriage. Although you know this is going to be a "happy-ever-after" story, it was a lot of fun getting from the beginning to the end and reading about all of the house's machinations to get these two lovebirds together. If you enjoy romance mixed with humor then look no further, Home Sweet Home is just the story you've been waiting to read.