Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Novels)

Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Novels) - Sharon Sala Beth and Ryal were childhood sweethearts (okay they were young adults but it just doesn't have the same ring to it) ripped apart before they had a chance to build on their young love. Circumstances led them both to believe that the other had turned away and eventually they moved on with their lives. Beth was taken away by her parents to California and Ryal continued to live in Kentucky.

Fast forward a few years and Beth is a witness to a murder...a mob-related murder. Now her life is in danger and she doesn't know where to turn since it becomes apparent the FBI can't do the job. Beth does the only thing she can think of and turns to her uncle for assistance and he, in turn, enlists the aid of her family and Ryal is front and center in protecting his lost love.

Next of Kin is a nice romantic suspense read about forgiveness and second chances. Beth and Ryal are forced to address their hurts and fears and gain a chance to rebuild their relationship. Beth is also reunited with her estranged family, especially with her grandmother. Ms. Sala provides a fast-paced read that illustrates the importance of family above all else. Although the end is expected, Next of Kin made for a delightful afternoon read. The characters are realistic and the situations are all-too believable in this digital age. If you enjoy romantic suspense with a hopeful-ever-after ending, then this may be just the book for you.