The Map of the Known World

The Map of the Known World - Steven Smith A somewhat strange but intriguing tale of a girl on a quest. Elowen is an orphan, chosen to deliver a map to the Illuminati. Her travels are somewhat (only somewhat) akin to the Lord of the Rings quest. She must evade the Redeemers, warriors of the Mother Church, and all nulled adults. It seems that the act of nulling (insertion of a barbed metal into the forehead of adults) puts them under the control of the Redeemers. She is aided in her quest by another orphan, Diggery, a pirate - Black Francis, a wolf - Ulfur, an exiled royal - Prince Asbjorn, the Eldar, Barbegs and numerous other creatures and animals. This story took a bit of getting used to but by the time I was half-way through I was completely hooked and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.