People of the Book

People of the Book - Kathi Macias This book is classified as Christian fiction, but it could more accurately be called Muslim/Islam bashing fiction. The author seems to rely on stereotypes and gross over-generalizations about Islam and Muslims to get her point across. The characters are not very well developed and seem flat. The only saving grace to this entire book is the story of Sara and her family.
Sara is a 17 year old devout Christian living in the Pacific Northwest. Although her family has ties to Islam, her mother and father were apparently raised as Muslim and converted to Christianity, they are estranged from their Muslim family. This has, in essence, made them much closer. Sara struggles with many issues, including trying to uncover what her younger brother Emir is involved in doing outside the home. She doesn't believe his tale of falling in love with a neighbor and simply visiting her in the evenings so they can have some privacy. Sara's instincts are fulfilled when she and her parents find out that Emir was involved in gang activity that results in his getting shot. Throughout the family drama and tragedies that Sara and her family endure, she finds time to go online and proselytize to Muslims in Saudi Arabia. It is this action that results in tragedy for her two newest converts.
I can accept that there are Muslim females living in oppressive conditions in Saudi Arabia. I can even accept that there are some Muslims that may feel that death is the only acceptable punishment for converting from Islam to another religion. What I cannot accept is someone writing about Islam and providing their readers with grossly inaccurate information about Islamic religious practices and beliefs. This book basically becomes propaganda to instill the bogey-man notion towards Muslims. It is for this reason that I did not like this book and can not recommend it to anyone without expressing a warning that it should only be read as fantasy rather than Christian fiction.